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Al Gore to sell anti-fossil fuel media network Current TV to OPEC mouthpiece Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera-Current TV

Al Gore is selling his failed environmentalist television “network” Current TV to Al Jazeera. This turn of events prompts the question, how does selling this U.S. media platform to a foreign-owned conglomerate that is beholden to the Oil Producing and Exporting Countries (OPEC) comport with Al Gore’s environmental opposition to fossil fuels?

Though Mediaite reports that “Al Jazeera will not use Current TV as a network to rebroadcast its English language programming. Rather, the Doha [Qatar]-based network will create a New York City-based line up of programming and will potentially brand that content ‘Al Jazeera America,'” it does note that “Current TV’s staff will probably be rehired by Al Jazeera, but most of Current’s present lineup of programs will cease broadcasting in the spring of 2013.”

Al Jazeera no doubt intends to use Current TV, not so much to broadcast American favorites like “I Dream of Jeannie” and “Laverne and Shirley,” but to broadcast programming that is consistent with OPEC’s interests, which include minimizing American energy independence.  Such a move would provide OPEC a priceless point of leverage with which to limit competitive U.S. oil and natural gas production through ginned-up domestic environmental activism by the likes of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Matt Damon (whose anti-fracking film “Promised Land” was funded by OPEC member Abu Dhabi, despite growing evidence that not only is fracking safe, but radical environmentalists have been working to conceal that information).

Al Jazeera has the money to operate Current TV at a substantial loss, which Al Gore clearly has no intention of doing any longer. He is selling the network for $500 million, cashing out for a hefty profit and securing his place in the top 1% of the top 1% of earners, which has failed to attract the attention of his class-warrior sycophants.

Al Jazeera Gore (cartoon)

Moreover, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules strictly limit foreign ownership of U.S. television networks.  Yet Al Gore nevertheless rejected a bid by U.S. citizen Glenn Beck to purchase Current TV, in favor of the pan-Arab news giant, Al Jazeera.  Apparently, for liberal American environmentalists (even a former vice-president), hypocrisy and treason are preferable to giving a conservative American an even break.


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