The Painful Truth of It

Some day, you'll appreciate this opportunity to quit filling your head with nonsense.

Sandy Hook Elementary School killer Adam Lanza did NOT use assault rifle.


The legacy media has had to admit that they were wrong about Adam Lanza using an AR-15 “assault rifle” in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

The AR-15, in fact, was NOT used in the school shooting. Lanza had tried weeks earlier to buy such a rifle, but was turned down in the background check! So, despite what you have heard about it being an instance where existing gun laws failed, it was actually a case where the background checks and state gun-purchase laws prevented the acquisition of the weapon from a gun dealer.  Adam Lanza obtained the AR-15 by stealing it from his mother after killing her.

Since Lanza obviously did not care about laws prohibiting matricide, it is doubtful that any additional federal laws prohibiting possession of an “assault rifle” or limiting the capacity of firearm magazines would have protected anyone.  About the only things that would have saved lives that day would have been to incarcerate the dangerously mentally ill Lanza, harden the entryways to Sandy Hook elementary school or arm one or more school personnel.  But permitting innocent people to survive an encounter with a determined homicidal predator is never the gun-grabbers’ objective.

Initial reports immediately after the shooting indicated that police had found the AR-15 in Lanza’s car, not in the school. Those reports have now been confirmed. They were ignored by the legacy media and grandstanding democrats. 

It is now known that Lanza went into the school with 4 handguns, not an “assault rifle” as the ideologically-driven legacy media erroneously charged. 

Still the juggernaut of crisis-exploiters continues undeterred, as if making the law-abiding pay with their rights is somehow an appropriate response to the tragedy.


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