The Painful Truth of It

Some day, you'll appreciate this opportunity to quit filling your head with nonsense.

Wendy Davis promotes infanticide


Are you in favor of a woman’s right to choose to do this?

The debate currently in the Texas legislature is not about a woman’s “right to choose” anything other than terminating a pregnancy that is 5 or more months old, when there are myriad other ways to choose to avoid childbirth (ranging from birth control devices that are available at any drugstore or 7-11, to over-the-counter “morning after” abortofacient pills, to standard early-term dilation and curettage abortions), each of which anyone with a brain would choose before reaching the age at which the gestating child can feel pain and survive outside the womb.

Wendy Davis is promoting infanticide.

Keep in mind that the government is in the business of telling everyone, everyday, what they can and cannot do with their bodies.

I cannot drive my body in my car in excess of the speed limit. I cannot use my body to transport a firearm on an airplane. I cannot use my body to ingest controlled substances. What seems to make the argument under debate in the Texas legislature something where 1/2 the population (males) are to have no right to speak is that women are arguing that only they can decide how their bodies are used.  This is nonsense.  It is common under American jurisprudence for others to dictate how you use your body. It is illogical to accept otherwise.

I’m not even getting into the questions of inherent “personhood” here. I’m just debunking one of the major premises of a flawed argument being advanced by the militant “no-restrictions-whatsoever-on-abortion-for-any-reason-EVER!” crowd.

I am a libertarian.  But these idiots have lost their legitimacy by pushing what is an extreme position.

That’s why they need jars of feces and urine to make their point.  Some rely on evidence and argument.  Others rely on excretions and mobs.  So when someone says something dismissive like, “you are free to believe whatever you want,” ask them what they believe, and why. If you examine their bases honestly, you will be  unimpressed.


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