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Wisconsin Supreme Court Holds Leftist “John Doe” Investigation Unconstitutional

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You probably don’t know this, and may be inclined not to care.  But you should, because it is a bellwether of what is happening in middle-America, and hence indicates attitudes and developments nationwide. It is part of a shift that is occurring in socio-cultural attitudes and apathies, which is shaping the society in which we live. It is not shaping it for the better.

Recently, the Milwaukee County (Wisconsin) District Attorney, John Chisholm, a DemocRAT, was conducting an unconstitutional “John Doe” investigation, akin to a grand jury proceeding, to destroy people in Wisconsin who were connected with Republican Governor Scott Walker’s successful de-unioninzation of state public workers (remember how state-employee unions financially ruined California?) Gov. Walker faced a recall election, which was pushed by outraged unions and out-of-state Leftist billionaires like George Soros and Tom Steyer, and media moguls from Steven Spielberg to David Geffen. Governor Walker won, and the Leftists refuse to stand down. That’s where the DemocRAT D.A. in Milwaukee comes in.  His office used local law enforcement to get even with the people who de-unionized state politics and kept Governor Walker in office.

Columinist George Will wrote extensively in the Washington Post about the disgraces committed by the out-of-control Leftists in Chisholm’s office and their “John Doe” investigation. In the course of the investigation, Chisholm’s people executed search warrants in the middle of the night against innocent people, handcuffed one of them while she was wearing only a towel and humiliated her in front of her neighbors, even though none were ever suspected of having committed a crime. All they did was work with Governor Walker’s team in ways that were entirely legal.  They were simply political opponents.

Chisholm’s tactics cost people their jobs, and they imposed a gag order on them to prevent them from communicating about it, lest they be thrown in jail.  It was a political police action that was truly Soviet-style, in that it was directed against peaceful, law-abiding dissidents who sought to use the electoral process to rectify numerous harms suffered as a result of Leftist abuses in state government.

The Milwaukee D.A. compounded those abuses with even worse Leftist abuses of his own, apparently forgetting what country this is.  The good news is that the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled on Thursday, July 16, 2015 that the entire investigation was not just unlawful, but unconstitutional. The Court slammed Chisholm, declaring the investigation IMMEDIATELY over, and ordered that all property seized be immediately returned, and all data collected and all copies made immediately and irreversibly destroyed. The Court went so far as to include in its decision language informing all individuals nationwide that they are henceforth released from whatever restraint or obligation they may have been put under in the course of the investigation. This practically never happens. Hopefully, there will be civil law suits against Chisholm to make him pay for his overreach.

But like the Wisconsin Supreme Court, I wonder, what would a victim do, who doesn’t have the Governor’s office and well-heeled private constitutionalists backing him, under similar circumstances?

As always, Leftists don’t care about the Constitution, only winning. They suffer from a lack of principle, which leads them always to the calamitous attitude that because something is a good idea (to them), it should be mandatory. That is a poisonous revolutionary attitude that results in oppression 100% of the time.

Some may think my political anger is a sign of imbalance.  It is not.  It is based on opposition to America’s Leftward drift, which is not imaginary. The destination of this Leftward drift is all too clear.  Any student of history knows the tragic record of Leftist totalitarianism in the 20th Century. 100 million dead.

Wherever Leftists have power, they abuse it.  This case in Wisconsin is a perfect example of that.  It’s dairy country, and they were using NKVD/KGB tactics.  It is multiplying here at home.  If you ever asked yourself how the German people could have let the Nazis (who were Leftists — National Socialists) do what they did, this is how it starts.  So it’s not an irrational obsession, because it isn’t irrational.

Like Thomas Paine, who wrote “Common Sense,” those committed and understanding enough to sound the claxon deserve to be heeded.  Give it your attention.  It matters.


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